Cera's singing telegram service tailor makes for your celebration   
...here are some ideas inspired by Swing Jazz and good old fashioned sweet love.  

 "In tune and on-time".  
For the Lovers:  " I Can't Give You Anything But Love"  , "Fingernail Moon" C. Impala 
For the Graduate: " What a Wonderful World"  (Louie armstrong) " Across the Universe" The Beatles 
For the Depressed/ cynical: "Don't worry, be happy" (bobby Mcferrin)"When I get Low" 
For the Cheater: "Some of These Days" Shelton Brooks  "All of Me" (G. Marks, S. Simmons)
For the Disbeliever:  "Ain't Misbehavin' " (Fats Waller)  "Magic" and "What do You Say?" Cera Impala
For the Unmotivated:  "Lazy bones" and "Lazy River" both by the great Hoagy Carmichael 

Birthdaze:  A super-cera-style version of "Happy Birthday" is included in the event.
The Deluxe package include delicious homemade cookies or a wee cake (Cera is a devilishly good baker), an artful custom handmade card for the occasion, an in-season flower or an odd bit of fancy jewelry from the local charity shop. Fantasy, fun and enchantment!

To Arrange for your Singing Telegram: Please (scroll to bottom of the page) and write Cera a detailed request including: The date and time you wish the telegram to be sent, the approximate age of the recipient/victim, the exact address it is to be sent with with haus number and name on the doorbell, the occasion it is for, and of course the specific songs+goodies you would like included. Every delivery is custom made with love- "In tune and on time"!  
Singing Telegram Deluxe
  • Singing Telegram Deluxe
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4-5 songs (mini performance) + Dr. Dirk delivered with beautiful handmade card, a tin of delicious homemade cookies/wee cake and an in season flower or piece of hand selected jewelry for the client. this is a steal of a deal.

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