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Comrie Village Hall

Comrie, Perth

Cera Impala and the New Prohibition + Delightful Squalor play one of our favourite village halls. Chis's Gigs!

Delightful Squalor

Jazz Bar, Chambers street, Edinburgh

The Krewe of muses is feminist special celebrating women's day and fine ladies doing their thing including the Bevvy sisters.. ma old band! Red hot Rhythm makers, NIcole Smit and much more. come celebrate women players today and every day.

Crafts and Things *GLENCOE*

Crafts and Things

Delightful Squalor in the hoose with the lovely David Cooper and his super special house concerts



Milgavie folkclub

Milgavie, Milgavie

Delightful Squalor. We love a visit to the outskirts of the Weeg. Could I get more weeg in my wedge? you bet.


Delightful Squalor has it's own show at the #Pianodrome helping to open the Fringe! note the showtime 5pm

Kelburn Garden Party

New Prohibition to play the Smugglers tent and the main (square) stage. we're the first bandon the fri and in the smugglers on the Sunday.

SOLAS festival

A midnight show with Delightful Sqaulor at Solas Fest.



Mountain stage 1:30pm the Friday. I'll be celebrating my 40th this week(end) BRING YOUR WELLIES PEOPLE... or just go naked.



Delightful Squalor on the BO stage! 3-4 on Sat. Longhouse at 10pm Friday night as well. Full band Debuting the phenomenal Matt Webb on Bass and Dr. Dirk on Fiddle.

Turn the Big Light ON

2 songs fro a TV audience!!

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