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Cera at the 'the Forge', photo by Chris Scott on her custom Ome

Cera at the 'the Forge', photo by Chris Scott on her custom Ome

Cera hugging her Ome banjo Knockengorrach, 2017

Cera hugging her Ome banjo Knockengorrach, 2017

"Graceful, eerie...tragically beautiful, it's like she's living with a back woods secret she's determined to keep.""
~Victory Review (Seattle)

"Simply stunning, a phenomenal set.  Thank you Cera - it was a privilege to spend some time in your world."
~Arran Folk Festival

"Don’t be fooled; as whimsical as they may seem, there is a beautiful intensity to Cera Impala & the New Prohibition, like a bar of deliciously dark chocolate - bittersweet, and very moreish. This band’s heart beats to a waltz, d it’ll be an incredible feat not to fall in love with them."
- Roberta Pia

"Some fine banjo playing."
~Maverick Magazine (UK)

"The likes of Crooked Still or Nickel Creek...wreaks of authenticity, delivered with due deference, a bourbon-soaked liturgy of distress."

~FATEA Magazine (UK)
"It's a banjo thing.  With her band The New Prohibition, she walks something more akin to the Yellow Brick Road than Route 66...Impala's voice has a honeyed sweetness to it and it has the perfect foil, not in her admirable talents on the aforementioned banjo, but in Dirk Ronneburg's traditional yet fiery violin, and that pairing makes this album both mature and endearing.  "Gladioli", for example, sets the stage for a touch of downhome redemption in such an effective manner that even Amanda Palmer would approve."
~Bluesbunny (UK)

Brand new Art video "HOME"

Kelburn Garden Party

Kelburn Garden Party

Photo creation by Ruth Barrie

Photo creation by Ruth Barrie

Pre show Rehearsal at Knockengorrach

Pre show Rehearsal at Knockengorrach

Our very first art video for "Sweet Sue" is out!  Made by Jonathan O'Reily in Berlin. RIP and enjoy...
  photo by Friederike Hohmuth

July 2017 "Delightful Squalor" has begun 'pickin and a grinnin', and definetely pickin up steam.  Lake Montgomery is in her own right force to be reckoned with,.. and thats just what I'll do, I do and I'll do it again.  We will put forward a philosphooey of 'less is more' ..more or less, and try our best to keep smiling, and have some fun together in these dark times.  It's just what the doctored ordered,  although, after the year behind me, I'll be happy to avoid'm.   
July 2016: Time is a sweet salt water taffy stretching us.  It's festival season once again, and Edinburgh is already heaving.  We've enjoyed so far  a truly brilliant summer with amazing highlights from both Knockengorrach and Kelburn Festivals (my two local favourites).  Our new album is being celebrated  by our fans and put out to review -  as an official release, we'll be having an important filmed show at the Merchant's Hall "A Club" buy tickets here on Aug 16th at 6pm.  We're stoked to have been offered this venue and if you miss the show we'll be performing again in town through  SummerHall on the 27th.    

Jan 2016:  After much ado and the busiest year of my life, our New Album "Tumbleweed"  will in our hands by the end of Feb if all goes to plan,.. and it has to be! Our unofficial local pre-release party in scheduled for Easter Monday at the Traverse through the Sound House org.  Get your tickets now!  We're so excited for you to hear what we've been creating in the studio.  Alongside the release, we'll be showing you an art video by Ruth Barrie within February and have lots of original art for sale at the gig,. Lino prints by Jemima Thewes n' myself, and of course,.. and an album that reflects a path less traveled,.. but one we couldn't help go down again and again.
February 2016:  In the Studio with the New Prohibition for our long awaited album "Tumbleweed". it'll be 100% original tunes by yours truly and we've choosen songs that tell the story of a road less travled. there's some whimsy, some weird, some sweet and salty.  It's a heathly blend of swing jazz, haunting old-time inspired banjo-fiddle and even some delta style guitar.  These songs have been under our nails in our hearts for a while now and it's feels right to let them go in our new home.   look out for it in Sept 2016!
Jan 2015: The new album with Dark Green tree is unofficially out!  We've recently been on radio Scotland, and we're off to Celtic Connections to showcase this new project.  For Cera,.. it was initially just some recording work that turned into more. Yes, It's been quite accidental being in this band, and a pleasant albeit surprising way to start the year.  look for more from this sweet indie-rock band,.. the harmonies are delicious, and the tunes are soulful and honest.  Maybe we'll see you at Belladrum, Kelburn or who knows where?

March 2014: Album launch for The Bevvy Sisters new album 'Plan B' to hit Edinburgh Summerhall, Friday March 28th, Glasgow March 29th & London April 8th (the Harrison) we also have a spankin new website! check it out right here:

September 2013: in the studio with Bevvy Sisters! "Slurp that slippery elm one more time and I'll...#*$^@ you!" read the full and definitely not dull blog here:  PLAN B,  How I met the Bevvies, and the making of our first album together.

August 2013:
The FRINGE festival is on, and while part of me wants to run screaming, there is another part of me that is loving working and living in such a cultural hub in the world.  I'm in the uber show "The Love Boat Big Band"  performing 3 out of 4 of the shows with The Bevvy sisters, have a super exciting show on the 24th  with my band The New Prohibition and also with the stunning "the Jellyman's Daughter" at 'the house' and we're collaborating ambitiously on a whole set together,.. that's banjo, cello, guitar, fiddle and double bass... and it's pretty tasty.  This month is full of solo spots here and there, duets, sessions and all kinds of goodies (see 'concerts' for details).  I think Oct is achin' for a vacation.

The Festival Season is upon us and new projects abound.  The New Prohibition has taken off to western corners of the country and had a blast at the Arran Folk fest.  The Bevvy Sisters have combined forces with DJ Dolhpin Boy for "Electro Bevvy" and the Appeal is undeniable... it's something you've never heard before and quite and eclectic-electric-saucy mix that was debuted the fabulous Insider fest this year.  I can't say enough good stuff about this muse-loving festival.  Can't wait till next year!

May 2013:
Bevvy Sisters Tour took me around the Highlands and Islands on a most magical journey inside and out.  There are places you've never been that can make you feel like home, and Scotland is filled with these for me.  What a beautiful country and such wonderful hospitality.  A favourite place being Lismoore.  Stay tuned for my upcoming blog "Leaving Lismore, the story of a song,"  This song has been with me for many years, and has come back into my life in a most special way!

January 2013: 
The year is off to a bang after playing at the amazing CELTIC CONNECTIONS.   After a sweet spot at the 02ABC on the 22nd performing among others the title track off "Higher Place" with the Bevvy sisters full band with Fabulous Emma Smith on Bass and the legendary James Macintosh on Drums,  The open stages, jams and amazing performances were in full swing, and it's fair to say Celtic Connections is an absolute treasure in these parts.
Cera and the Bevvy Sisters at Celtic Connections O2ABC

*MUSICIANS* *Music lovers!* if you have ever performed or attended a house concert at Douglas Robertson's house, please write a letter telling Andrew Burns of Edinburgh City Coucil to let him know why the council needs these house councerts. THANK YOU!


Aug 2012:
After filling in a guest spot opening the second set at  folk Club last night for the lovely and luscious-voiced Bevvy Sisters, Cera will be performing with  'The Bigboat Love band' at none other than the QUEEN'S HALL here in Edinburgh, how exciting is this?! Let's Row this boat and find out! ;)

Cera at the Queen's Hall

Photo by Marc Marnie

June 2012
Cera, Dr. Dirk, Harlen, 12 instruments, and a treacherous truckload of tough-to-pack unforgettable memories make their way from Berlin DE to Edinburgh UK for relocation by July 1st, saying bye bye to Berlin, and thank you to all who made this part of the adventure so memorable.  Wherever we go, we take you with us. 

January 2012
Want to see Cera sing with the absolutely killer Kat Frankie at the Admiralspalast? Tune in to Berlin's TV Noir this New Years!

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