Cera at the 'the Forge', photo by Chris Scott on her custom Ome

Cera at the 'the Forge', photo by Chris Scott on her custom Ome

Scots Heritage ***** Maverick  ****  Froots ****

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Cera hugging her Ome banjo Knockengorrach, 2017

Cera hugging her Ome banjo Knockengorrach, 2017

"Graceful, eerie...tragically beautiful, it's like she's living with a back woods secret she's determined to keep.""
~Victory Review (Seattle)

"Simply stunning, a phenomenal set.  Thank you Cera - it was a privilege to spend some time in your world."
~Arran Folk Festival

"Don’t be fooled; as whimsical as they may seem, there is a beautiful intensity to Cera Impala & the New Prohibition, like a bar of deliciously dark chocolate - bittersweet, and very moreish. This band’s heart beats to a waltz, d it’ll be an incredible feat not to fall in love with them."
- Roberta Pia

"Some fine banjo playing."
~Maverick Magazine (UK)

"The likes of Crooked Still or Nickel Creek...wreaks of authenticity, delivered with due deference, a bourbon-soaked liturgy of distress."

~FATEA Magazine (UK)
"It's a banjo thing.  With her band The New Prohibition, she walks something more akin to the Yellow Brick Road than Route 66...Impala's voice has a honeyed sweetness to it and it has the perfect foil, not in her admirable talents on the aforementioned banjo, but in Dirk Ronneburg's traditional yet fiery violin, and that pairing makes this album both mature and endearing.  "Gladioli", for example, sets the stage for a touch of downhome redemption in such an effective manner that even Amanda Palmer would approve."
~Bluesbunny (UK)

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