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Cera Impala

Vogrie Pogrie

A celebratory weekend of innovative open air performance and creative happenings of all kinds in the beautiful setting of Vogrie Country Park. Bring yourself, your kids, your pals and your Nan. We can't wait to see you there! Tell everyone!

Free! but charge for camping £25


HIdden Door

The Half Moon Medicine Show gives you the much anticipated 'Pandemic SPECIAL!!' wi' Sissy Thistle, Jello Belly, Bay Doll-ing, Tess Lethal, Maud the Moth, Nouvelle Jukebox, Iona Lee, Harlen Cash, Delightful Squalor and yours truly giving you 'The Cure For Wot Ails Ye!'

Cera Impala


This gig is an unofficial pre-release for my new album, Wildest Dreams which will not be released to press for at least another year, as I'm told this is how long before I can book a proper tour around it. How crazy!! So if you want a hard copy, donate to my Gofund me and I'll mail you one in CD form, you will also be sent digital MP3 files and you can even get a vinyl. I'm asking for £25 donations, but if you can't afford that, I'll take what I can get. You will love the album. AS for the gig itself...the band will join me for the second set as I'm to play some more intimate material off both the new album and the grant project that I currently writing for the first set SOLO.

Nothern Approach Wellbeing festival

Delightful Squalor plays the 24th and 25th of July as a part of this healing festival. We are performing music alongside some extremely talented dancers in collaboration!



Dancers, stilt-walkers, the ladies of the midnight Blue, african drummers and Delightful Squalor. we play on Juneteeth,.. an important day in American history when the slaves were fully informed of their emancipation... even in Texas, which is where Lake is from!

The Half Moon Medicine Showcase

The hard-working hands-in-the-earth-sister to the Half Moon Medicine show.., is the The Half Moon Medicine Show'case' a distinctive weekly event at our home,  the Jazz bar, the most reputable of Edinburgh music venues.  Are you into a bit-of-gorgeous grit but also think yersel PURE CLASS?  Look no further! This is the show for you. Come be enchanted by the absolute best of Edinburgh, Glasgow and the world beyond shining on stage to a warm listening audience given the most impeccable sound and a host you could only imagine in, dare I say it....your Wildest Dreams.  A few things about this showcase make it unique. One, people of all ages can come! under 18's! Two, I perform every week in one way or another, but if you want to catch me - you have to show up at 6:15! it's Tea-time gig, and useful to grab a bite after while the soundcheck for the first of two main jazz bar bands are to perform.  Three,  It's almost always three acts, plus myself.  We enjoy Rap, folk, indie, gospel, roots...a 20 piece brass band! No one is on stage for more then 1/2 hour unless it's a special event.  So if you like to taste an array of things...this is the evening of entertainment for you!  Finally, there is *no cover* at the start of the show at 6:15 and then it's a fiver (£5!) from 6:30 to 7:45, £10 at 7:45 to 8:30.  Doesn't matter when you come in though, you are in for the night. Get a stamp and enjoy the ride. 

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