As Delightful Squalor heads into the studio this coming month, it's clear we've made a decision to move forward with the project. We have received overwhelmingly good feedback from our growing group of fans, which has bolstered our energy that even when the going gets tough, well,.... we're as hearty as they come, and anything but done.  If I'm being completely candid though, it's difficult at the moment moving forward with something this tender and passionate, with Brexit looming and our status here in question. Both Lake and I are married to EU nationals and require a permanent residence to carry on here.  We are trying to keep calm and if we have to leave, no matter what, I would much rather leave with this morsel of memory in hand. 

On the left here you see Tim Lane, brilliant musician and sound engineer who is dedicated to help us bring an authentic live sound to this, our first album together.  There will be minimal tracking and everything will be live. That's right!  It's the old Butterfly-in-a-jar trick.  It's juicy magic if you can do it,. and hopefully we can.  With Lake and I, there  really isn't much of a choice. We play so much off each other in life and on stage, it really makes sense to do it this way.  We have already spent a day in the studio recording 'Molasses', 'Delightful Squalor' and 'Lonely' and I'll leave you with a few words from our title track as it seems apt. "Love me today, forget tomorrow.  Beg, steal, cheat you will never have to borrow... My love, it's free! it don't cost a dollar. It's easy lovin livin in delightful squalor!".....

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