The Love Book

The LOVE Book

    Love.  Who knows what it means anymore?  It's a word that gets used to sell dishwasing detergent as much as it is a word that defines your life, your lifestyle and your definition… Read more

Two Ears and One Mouth

     It was Ghandi who said, "You have two ears and one mouth", which I interpret to mean that we ought to listen twice as much as we talk.  When it comes to musicians, I think we might square this and… Read more

Why blogging is like singing in the shower

Blogging is like singing in the shower;  best without clothes on, can be a refreshing experience and should be done as if no one is listening.  I find my self lately wondering if people care to read it, and why?…Read more

Time and Space

I often contemplate the concepts of the great and tortured Virginia Woolf. This week, her specific observation about the necessity of having "A room of ones own" to achieve professional success has grabbed me.  hmmm. (insert exasperated sigh here) Yep,… Read more

Blackberry Bushes come to Berlin

 After four years, it happened! the stars aligned and for a brief moment in time (about 6 days) Cera and the Blackberry Bushes reunited.  It was sweet and wonderful wednesday/thursday we managed some time for a song share, a food… Read more