Why blogging is like singing in the shower

Blogging is like singing in the shower;  best without clothes on, can be a refreshing experience and should be done as if no one is listening.  I find my self lately wondering if people care to read it, and why? (perhaps I wouldn't)  The inside scoop is that this blog was not my idea, it began because of a suggestion from a fantastic college professor of mine, Sean Williams. Her encouraging theory being that it is indeed interesting for folks to get a glimpse into the artists process. Well Mz. Williams- I'm not so sure my blog will clarify anything and honestly, I didn't want to do it- which has stopped me in my tracks--....yup.  It might be just the thing I need to do for what ever as-yet unknown reason (as is so often the case). But jeeez- I've always figured it's better to let ones workings be a mystery- right? To challenge myself I've drummed up a few notions as to why  maybe I was wrong.... and here they are: 1) it's fun,..and fun is good (or at least so says Dr. Seuss).  If we only write to perform, and not for the bigger funner no so serious self- we lose what is essential about why we write in the first place.  We have to write for no reason, or there never will be a reason.  2) It's therapy,  for both parties the writeer and the reader. Why pay a psychologist when you can ask yourself every week,..how do I feel? In theory if we share candidly what we think and feel with others (and really listen to them in return) we might just end up in the end with a more colorful world view with a juicier more nuanced palat to boot ,..and be all the better for it.  3) it's a flexible multi-media platform that allows pictures (which I take almost every day), and video- god help me (it's  new hobby), and whoo-hoo** if I'm feeling saucy I can just leave a poem or a piece of scanned artwork. I say this is waaaay better than the old methods of show and tell....
Speaking of which-After this crazy weekend, a major bike accident (I will resist from showing you the pictures I took of this) and Dirk having been attacked in the park by some dumb hooligans  leaving his fiddle shattered... you'd think I'd be feeling shaken up and defeated.  ahh but no.  I've never felt more (OUCH!)+(OH**no!)  Alive! Yes, alive is what we are except when were not...and I feel woken up in a big way.  Things couldn't be better.  We have it all,  everything we need- and there's nothing like an incident as such to bring out the best in everyone. Thank you to all of our beautiful friends who have supported us with not just words, but actions and true love.  We are going to get Dirk the fiddle he really deserves and I can't wait to hear it.... can you?

Take a listen to Dirk playin' his heart out on "Orange Blossom Special"- the bonus track we'll send you when you download our new Album "Higher Place"
Thank you JOE for being such a true friend. Only good can come of this*