Two Ears and One Mouth

     It was Ghandi who said, "You have two ears and one mouth", which I interpret to mean that we ought to listen twice as much as we talk.  When it comes to musicians, I think we might square this and multiply it by infinity.  The best music makers I know don't just noodle along in a jam, they figure out the bass-line first,  they know the foundation before climbing to the attic, don't play over vocals, know their time to shine, enjoy finding new music,  encourage and appreciate every level of discovery, and above all- they **listen.** listen.**listen.**  This requires most humble genius, patience, and a deep and unfettered understanding of our various musical roles.  
    I had a concert at the Schokoladen scheduled for yesterday (Wednesday) but as the fates would have it- they are having noise compliant issues and the ordnugs amt is breathing down their neck...they gave me the choice to opt out of performing (or go on at 9:00) and I chose not to play....which  was the most fortunate choice I could have made. In place of performing myself  I attended a konzert at the GlassHaus here in Berlin.   What use the performer made of time and space, the loop station, the sparse Tom-Wait's-eqsue piano accompaniment, not to mention the handsome black bow-tie under spotlight was truly stunning. There are rare artists out there who have the ability to transform energy, and inspire peace by relieving us the constant burden of hearing our own incessant woes. They give us something much higher.  They are ambassadors for a better and more perfect world we tirelessly strive towards.  All musicians to some degree or another are chasing the tail of this most elusive dragon,  and last night I was transported to a place of pure inspiration.   Thank you for this, and thank you *universe* that we have ears to hear at all.