Tick Tock. I'm getting younger.

I'm about to have a birthday. It feels like it might be the first big one. I'm trying to remember others if I can, but I really can't.  At  2o,  was I in New York or Washington state?  I don't…

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...and Ricely Yours 

Louie Armstrong, who famously signed his letters "red beans and ricely yours"  in so doing acknowledged a long standing love musicians have for beans, or rather, have to have.  They are, after all, -musical!  Perhaps more to the point, it's…

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You're not yours 

My heart aches tonight for a wee soul gone too soon; for those that feel alone and without community and purpose, for the most sensitive among us. We are living in dark times of collective and personal grief and isolation…Read more

Coping with the Weather

In Scotland, occasionally the summer just doesn't happen. This is one of those summers, where even the most optomistic pal is quite devestated. Yes, night feels like day and the cloud-cover is consant although sometimes the sun comes out,.. just…

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A love letter to America

Dear America,

It's been a long time, hasn't it?  There is so much to tell you.   We've both been through some interesting times,  and it feels right to tell you now, I still love you;  Your rivers run through my…Read more


My inspiration comes a lot from the natural world and in the last year I've written of birds, blackberries, and wee wanders through the dense forest of my fears.  Kelburn was such a reflection of this. We haven't made much…Read more

Oh yeah, I'm a mother.

"Puss-in-Boots/Buzzlightyear/Tig-ger/Pirate" aka my son Harlen (who downright refuses to be called by his own name almost every day) comes barreling into a rehearsal with "Mom, I'm hungry,.. and I don't want an apple."  We're mid-song, and he knows to wait,..…Read more